Somatic Therapy

Somatic Therapy

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A combination of both the Scientific and the Spiritual, this simple therapy works with your nervous system to help integrate past traumas, current challenges, life anxieties and repetitive triggers. The intention of this work is to help integration within your body's nervous system which creates more choice in overwhelming situations and supports a more relaxed life.

You and Elizabeth will sit in chairs across from each other the whole time. Elizabeth will guide you on a simple mindfulness meditation to allow your body to come into coherence. Your body will then lead the session as to where you are needing to go for self healing through the simple asking of questions by Elizabeth. Many people have found relief within one session and commitments are made for no more than three sessions at a time.

You do not need to have meditated before, have a spiritual/religious practice or understand somatic body work to get benefit from these session. Elizabeth's expertise as a guide in energetic medicine will help reflect back to you what your body is saying through the use of your body's unique language. Her years of birthing experience have taught her our to hold space with ease. You leave feeling more connected to your body's wisdom and grounded in your physical body.

This work stems from a combination of 10 years of direct training with Ray Castellino in Pre & Perinatal Psychology, extensive training with Anna Chitty (who has worked with both Peter Levine & Ray Castellino for over 25 years) and 15 years of holding space as both a midwife and doula. 

Office hours are on the East Side at GraceFull and on the West Side at WMNspace. Please email to book your first session.



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