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Once you join the GraceFull Family, you will spend time alternating between our midwives for prenatal care following the same calendar as Obstetricians (1 x month until 28 weeks, 2 x month until 36 weeks, 1 x week until you give birth). We have three different types of prenatal care. All three offer the same Gold Standard Care for Safety and our GraceFull Philosophy of deep listening and seeing you as an individual. The differences are when/where the Prenatals occur and the fee.

Community Care - Create your community before you give birth with our NEW group prenatals. We meet in our spacious classroom space following the above schedule. You will spend some private time having your belly checked with the midwife followed by a group class where you will be educated and supported by a licensed midwife and your community of mamas. All prenatals are in a group setting except for your initial prenatal, which will be a private one-on-one appointment with a Licensed Midwife.

Classic Care - These one-one-one private prenatal visits with a Midwife last between 30-60 minutes at our center (we have evening and weekend hours to work with your schedule) and all members of your family are invited to join you. Each visit consists of us taking your vitals, offering education, listening to your concerns and getting to know you and your family. If you are birthing at home, the 36-week visit will be at your house. 

Enhanced Care - This care is the same as our Classic Care, the difference being that you get to choose one midwife to do all of your care and be 100% committed to being at your birth. All pre and postnatal visits will be in your home and on your schedule.

Gold Standard Medical Obstetrical Care

We have the same medical board licensed as your OB but our specialty is Low Risk Childbirth. Therefore, we do everything an OB would do medically but specifically for low risk pregnancies. At each visit, we will check your blood pressure, measure your belly and listen to your baby. We do not do routine ultrasounds in our space, but rather we use our hands on your belly to feel baby's position and check your fluid levels. (If you are in need of an ultrasound we would recommend you visit your transport of care doctor so you can meet him or her at that time.)

Because we are an Accredited Birthing Center, we have certain protocols in place that meet their standards which include a risk assessment at every prenatal visit to see how we can support you to stay low risk and birth outside of a hospital. The advantage of working with us for a home birth is that you have the same levels of safety built in for home that are used in our accredited birthing center. 

Listening, Caring, Holding Presence

An important part of a safe and smooth birth is developing a relationship with your care provider so that the hormones of your body do what they know how to do - birth your baby! Our midwives not only have medical board license but have additional training in various communication modalities to create a space for you to speak up and get to know yourself as the mother or father of your child. We encourage questions and adult conversations which will allow you to practice trying out your new role as the mother or father of your child before you give birth. We welcome families of all faiths, spiritual paths, colors of skin and gender identities and want to create a space where you feel welcome to express yourself freely during our time together so we can help you develop your unique family language. Creating an empowered birthing space is not a one-sided job so we want to hear what support looks like to you to see if we can be that for you or we need to invite in additional people to help you have the birth you do want. We want to co-create an empowering space for you to birth, so no matter what the birth ends up looking like we can be part of that journey with you. 

Education, Knowledge, Wisdom, Empowerment

Our intention is for you to be informed of all your choices as the parents of your child so you can make empowered choices in regards to what tests you would like while pregnant and what invasive or non-invasive treatments you would or would not like to do with your child. 

Each prental, no matter which care package you choose, is filled with information that is a source not only from Evidence-Based Care but also natural remedies and anecdotal wisdom that we have accumulated as passionate women in the healing arts. 

A typical prenatal visit will cover the following:

  • •  Nutrition, Health and Exercise Counseling
  • •  Assessment of your vitals, including blood pressure and pulse
  • •  Listening to your baby's heartbeat
  • •  We put our hands on your belly to measure the size of the baby's growth and assess the position
  • •  Risk Assessment and suggestions to keep you low risk
  • •  Education about upcoming tests so you can make an informed choice for your family
  • •  A discussion about how your body changes, what to expect and natural remedies
  • •  A safe space to share your concerns and hopes in support of a smooth birthing experience
  • •  A building of trust and practicing communication skills between you and your midwife so you become comfortable with who will be by your side at your birth and learn to ask for what you need so your birth, no matter where it happens, feels empowered.
Full Transparency

All of our health records, including your lab work and ultrasounds, are located on our Electronic Medical Records, which allows for you to be part of your care and email our midwives any time you would like.  

We will do all of your lab work in our office, including genetic screening and testing.  We are happy to work with your current doctor for a transport of care plan and we have wonderful collaborative relationships with both a local OB and Perinatologist who you can see at any time for ultrasounds or concerns to help you stay low risk and have a safe out of hospital birth.

Free Classes

Our desire for you to be well educated and meet your tribe before your birth is one of the reasons why we have created these classes that are open to the community and free to all of our GraceFull Families no matter which care plan you choose.  

  • •  Breastfeeding Basics: Preparation for nurturing your child with breastfeeding
  • •  The First Few Weeks: Infant Care Class
  • •  History, Hats, and Hormones: A unique class created by GraceFull's owner, Elizabeth that has reduced our transport rate
  • •  Mama Meetup: Weekly gatherings with a Midwife after you give birth in our classroom (0-6m)

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