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Just imagine how well you ate during pregnancy and how well nourished your child was.  That same nourishment is still found in the placenta, which is known as Zi He Che in Pinyin (Chinese). Chinese Medicine considers this herb as a tonifier of the (TCM concept of) Lung, Liver and Kidneys, and augmenter of the qi (energy) and essence while nourishing the blood.  It is widely used for debilitating chronic diseases, adrenal insufficiency, low back pain, extreme fatigue, menopause, low immune resistance, infertility, depression, pallor, insufficient lactation, hair loss, and deficiency of the blood.

One of the ways we support our student midwives is through our placenta preparation program.  All of the students have been trained in both the traditional TCM and dehydration methods of encapsulating placentas.  For GraceFull Families after a birth the cost is $250 and for non-GraceFull families the cost is $300 (including pick up and delivery).  The turn around time is about 24-48 hours after you give birth to having the pills and/or a tincture in your hand.

Feel free to inquire about this during your interview or call our assistant Johanna directly at 702.767.0043 if you are birthing with other members of our community.


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