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We love this new Millennial Age with all the advances in technology that allow our world to be more connected. We have many clients who come to us not only from out of state, but also out of the country. Also, because we live in Los Angeles, it is common to have mothers and partners who are on location. We are fully equip to support these situations with WhatsApp, Skype, iChat and our Electronic Medical Records.

If you live overseas or are currently out of state and are wanting to make GraceFull's Birthing Center your destination for the birth of your child, please send us and email and we will set up a free Skype interview with our midwives. They will give you a virtual tour of our center and answer all of your questions, so you can relax and settle knowing that when you arrive stateside there will be a friendly and knowledgable midwife who will help you usher your baby safely into this world. 

For those families who are on location we encourage you to join our community before you leave and then we will schedule distant prenatal care and help you source a local provider if needed. This is also a great solution for partners who are on intense travel schedules.

In the unique situation where a working pregnant mother is either on location for TV / Film or performing on tour, Elizabeth Bachner, GraceFull's Owner, is available to travel, be on set and work with your production staff to create Best Practices to ensure you and your baby remain safe, relaxed and low risk.

Go to our contact page and let us know how we can support you to feel safe and connected during your pregnancy.

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