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Our massage therapist has been getting rave reviews for her firm yet healing touch. 

Shanee is dedicated to facilitating mindful living and mind-body healing through holistic, client centered massage therapy. With a background in Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Emotional Release and Pregnancy Massage so she can help you re-shape the way you not only feel better, but how you experience and address pain.

Our massage therapist wants to perpetuate the view of pain as a useful, necessary & informative alarm system rather than a terrible, torturous enemy and assist you in taking control of your wellness by making self-care a habit a priority.

Shanee's touch is not just for pregnant mamas, but is also great for men, non pregnant people and  birth workers who need some rejuvenating self care. She knows how to make your body feel better and your soul feel rested.  

Besides the usual benefits of a loving touch, you can find relief for:

  • •  Pain
  • •  Stress/Anxiety
  • •  Sleeplessness
  • •  Edema
  • •  Leg Cramps
  • •  Sciatica
  • •  Shoulder Pain
  • •  Head Aches
  • •  Upper Back Pain from Breastfeeding
  • •  Post Partum Fatigue

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Fees are $100 for 60 minutes, $150 for 90 minutes. For an appointment please contact Shanee directly at 407.745.7578, or check go to her website to book directly online at:

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