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Congratulations on becoming a new mamma and seeking lactation support. Being proactive early on can make all the difference to you and your baby’s health, comfort and peace of mind. Our lactation expert Julie Matheney provides loving care and helping hands at your most critical time, in our center or your home. After your baby is born, common questions include:

  • •  How will I know baby is getting enough milk?
  • •  I’m worried baby isn’t gaining enough weight.
  • •  My Pediatrician said if baby doesn’t start gaining we have to start formula.
  • •  I’m worried I don’t have enough milk.
  • •  How can I increase my milk volume?
  • •  Why am I in so much pain? (Breastfeeding should not hurt, so please be sure to call right away on this one!)
  • •  I think I’m engorged! What should I do?

Our Lactation Consultant recognizes the profound emotional and physical connection between birth and breastfeeding and her consultations help moms who have birthed at home, our center or the hospital.

If you are having the following issues, we encourage you to receive immediate help with the following concerns so they do not get out of control:

  • •  Difficulty latching
  • •  Engorgement
  • •  Mastitis
  • •  Painful Breastfeeding
  • •  Yeast / Thrush
  • •  Your baby not gaining enough weight
  • •  Concerns with maternal milk production (too much or too little)

And if you are unable to come into the center, consultations in your house can be arranged for an extra fee. Starting in October 2017 we will be able to work with your insurance. 

Please contact Julie directly via text, phone, or email to book and appointment: 1-616-822-1812

Her service menu can be found on her website.

Please check out our classes section to sign up for Breastfeeding Basics and Advanced Breastfeeding Classes.

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