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The birthing tub is well known in our field as the "aquadural" LOL!!! What we find is some women LOVE the water and never want to get out, while others just have no desire to get wet at all. We are happy to support you whatever your choice.

Water births are known for creating a more relaxed birthing experience for mom and a calmer entry into the world for baby.  Because all of our midwives have been exclusively training out of hospital, for them, water birth is a normal tool used during labor and pushing.  GraceFull Midwives are experts at gently guiding your baby earth side in the water.  

For more information, take a look at the website created by Barbra Harper, who is the reason for the popularity in water birth across america. 

Water Birth in our Birthing Center

Each room has a permanent spa tub with internal mood lighting called "chromotherapy" so you can watch your child emerge and an antibacterial coating to aid in the cleanliness.  Our tubs are extra deep to provide buoyancy for your body so baby can come "off of your back" and you can relax deeper into a calm, meditative state.  

There is no limit to the amount of warm water that you can have to support you while in labor.  We have a birthing chair that is water proof that goes into our tubs, special handles that give you leverage while pushing and our birth swing is long enough to come to you while you float.

Birth is the first moment that your child enters into our world, and not only do we want that birth to be gentle and calm, but we also want it to be toxic free.  We want mother earth to be here for a long time and we want your baby to have his or her first moments to be toxic free moments, with the hope of eliminating any unnecessary allergies down the road.

Water Birth at Home

If you are birthing in your home, you can either use your own tub, buy a tub or rent one an eco birth pools (with kits that include everything you need) for $250-300 for both drop off, setting up lessons, picking up AND cleaning of the tub.

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