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Some women really enjoy the idea of birthing in their own home with all their own scents and familiar surroundings. You can have your whole family there cooking you meals, or close all the curtains and sanction yourself away in your room and make your own "mama cave".

Once you are in a good, active labor pattern the midwife will bring all of the necessary medical equipment, western medicines and natural remedies needed to make sure you and your baby are born safely in your home. This includes oxygen for mom and baby, neonatal resuscitation equipment for baby, IV antibiotics, IV fluids, pharmacological medications (to stop excessive bleeding after baby is born), lidocaine injections (to numb the perineum if you tear) and suturing materials (so we can suture you if you should tear). Your home literally becomes a "mobile birthing center". You can birth anywhere you want in your house - the bathroom, the kitchen, outside by a tree, in the living room, on the bedroom floor - it is your house, so it is your call.

Plan for Transport

Because we are Medically Board Licensed Midwives we can legally transport into any hospital in California without the need for a "backup" doctor. We have a great relationships and the cell phone numbers of both our OB and Perinatologist who are just as passionate about you having a safe out of hospital birth as we are. They work out of Good Sam and California Hospital and ideally we would like to transport into their care, as we know they never rush into a cesarean birth unless it is absolutely medically necessary. 

We love all of our local hospitals as they allow us to give you excellent medical care and are always well received at Cedars, UCLA, St. Johns, Glendale Memorial and Adventist, Tarzana and all Kaisers.  In the case of a true emergency, we will go to the closest hospital.  In a non-emergent situation, we will go to either your OB or ours and your midwife will stay with you during that time to make sure you continue to have a Grace-Filled birth.

Accredited Care

The same safety protocols that govern our Accredited Birthing Center also apply to all home birthing families. We follow risk assessment protocols to make sure you and baby stay safe as well as make space for see your labor as an individual to make sure you are continually informed and can make choices that are in alignment with how you plan to create your family.

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