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Birthing with us is like having a home birth in a birthing center. We are proud to be Los Angeles's First Accredited Birthing Center with the CABA. It was a lot of work to become accredited, but worth it because it allows us to have smoother transitions with our local hospitals and hopefully a better chance at getting your insurance to pay for more of the birth. 

Attention to Detail

We dim the lights, put on soothing music and get out the (battery operated) candles as we fill your chromatic tub with warm water for you to experience a gentle childbirth. Our serene birthing rooms were created from the ground up with a specific intention of having each mama feeling supported, seen and safe. These rooms have been literally created to support the anatomy and physiology of your body to birth efficiently and safely. The walls, tubs, tiles and flooring have literally be written all over with loving & joyful words underneath the paint and wallpaper. Each spacious rooms has a large spa tub with an anti-bacterial coating, generous shower, private toilet, aromatherapy diffusers and a queen size up-cycled cast iron bed. We also have iPod docs for your musical selections and free wi-fi for those of you who want to communicate with family that are not able to be here.

We have created a home-spa like environment that is supported with the most up to date medical equipment so you can feel safe and supported to surrender in the work of laboring into parenthood!

Environmentally Friendly

We not only practice natural childbirth, but we have a natural and toxic free birthing center too.  All of the water has been filtered with an Aqua Sauna filtering system so your child will be born into chemical free drinking water. Our rooms are cleaned with hospital grade green cleaner to ensure the reduction of allergic reactions. Our sheets are by Sacred Sleep which allows families to labor, birth and enjoy their post partum time in sustainable eucalyptus sheets that whisk away moisture. We have also gone organic and sustainable with our comfortable mattresses from a local family run company, Custom Comfort and organic towels by sOUP on the East Coast.

We are doing our part so that our planet will still be here for the next generation of children that we are supporting you to birth into this world.

Why a birthing center?

Each room has 2 sets of hooks on the ceiling so you can move and change the position of our birthing swing to give you a bit more leverage during labor and pushing. We have three different kinds of birthing stools to support different anatomical positions for when you are ready to push. We even have two different sized birthing balls to accommodate different sized mothers.

Our rooms do not have windows on purpose so that you can feel "safe" in your "mama cave". There is one door "in" and one door "out" and you never have to "worry" about someone seeing in from the outside at the most intimate moment in your family's history. This approach allows your body the best chance possible to create all the wonderful hormones that are needed to get into labor and have a safe and efficient birth. This philosophy of childbirth is based on the scientific data from Michell Odent on what the body's hormones or physiology needs to birth safely. 

Some women will choose to birth with us because they live in a small house, while others live far away from a good hospital and feel safer knowing that we have a transport of care doctor who will not rush a mom into a c-section just because she has transported or they like being 1.6 miles away from the best hospital in Southern California for newborn care (Children's Hospital). Every woman needs to make her own decision on where she feels safest, for that is how she will feel most comfortable to allow herself to be vulnerable and strong while she births her baby.

Pain Relief

Along with all the other pain relief options on the other list, Laughing Gas is only available at our center. If you know that you want access to that for the birth of your child, then a birthing center birth is right for you!

Plan for Transport

We have great relationships with our transport of care hospitals and care providers, so in case of an emergency situation the fire station is 8 blocks away, Hollywood Presbyterian is 1.4 miles away, Good Samaritan & California Hospitals are 2.6 miles downtown, Kaiser Sunset is 1.6 miles away and Children's Hospital (the best hospital in Southern California for babies) is 1.4 miles down Sunset Blvd.  

We have the cell phone numbers of both our OB and Perinatologist who are just as passionate about you having a safe our of hospital birth as we are.  We love our local hospitals, as they allow us to give you excellent medical care. 

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