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Women have unique bodies that are strong and capable of creating and growing life. We are proud to work with BIRTHFIT who offer not only Chiropractic care but work a 4 pillar philosophy that includes discussing nutrition, exercise and mental preparation to help with Conception, Pregnancy,VBACs, supporting Breech Babies and Labor.

Many women experience various aches and pains along with general discomfort post-pregnancy. It is important to realize after pregnancy, labor and delivery, your body, which is considered post-partum for one year from a biomechanical perspective, will again undergo many changes. Many times a woman’s body has a hard time readjusting to these physical changes and therefore will feel achy, sore, or painful. Chiropractic can help a woman’s body transition through these physical changes, reducing and sometimes eliminating symptoms.

Dr. Lindsey Mathews is not only an expert at supporting breech babies and helping mothers open up their pelvis's for easier and more efficient labors, but she is also the creator and owner of BIRTHFIT , a multi layered approach to a healthy pregnancy, labor and post partum period. She specializes in postpartum care and rehab, including diastasis rectus abdominis, and enhancing functional movement patterns.  Go to her web site to learn more about Dr. Lindsey and her team and schedule an appointment.  


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