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Post Partum Care

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We enjoy birth and revel in the fact that you have just birthed your family!  This is a momentous event and there is no need to rush it.  We are known for "going slow" which not only supports your body in making the hormones that are needed to keep you safe, but also helps with integrating this amazing moment into your nervous system. 

Immediate Post Partum

We do not rush the birth of your placenta.  We do what is called a "half lotus birth", which means that not only do we wait for the cord to stop pulsing, but we also wait for the placenta to be born before we cut the cord.  Your placenta can be born in the tub, on a birthing stool or in the bed.  No matter where it is born we do not pull or tug, which in itself reduces the risk of an too much bleeding.  

While you are safely tucked into our bed or yours, we are taking your vitals and checking baby's health. Once everyone is stable we will leave you alone to bond, share kisses and oogle at your newborn baby!


Again, there is no rush on our part to get your baby to breastfeed. It sometimes takes a bit of time for your baby to figure out what has happened and find the natural instinct to go toward the breast for nurturing and sustenance.  We will not leave your home until your baby has fed and you feel good about the basics in breastfeeding.   

In our follow-up visits we will help you with breast feeding challenges and assess your baby latch.  If you are in need of more support than we can offer we are happy to recommend a lactation consultant to come to your home.

Newborn Care

In the immediate post partum time, right after birth, we act as a pediatrician who specializes in low risk children and are licensed to conduct a full newborn exam.  We will do this on the bed and in your presence, including weighing and measuring your precious child.  If we find anything outside of normal, we do not hesitate to call your pediatrician and consult with her or him immediately.  

Post Partum Visits

Within 24 to 48 hours after you have given birth your midwife will come to your home to do a full assessment on both you and your baby.  She will continue to check in with you daily until your 1 week visit which is back in our office with one of our staff midwives.  You will continue to see a midwife in our office for both a 3 week and a 6 week visit (which includes a well woman exam).  

Legally, we can be primary care for your well child for up to 30 days post partum.  So, if you need time to choose a physician, you have our full support. 

At each visit we will check you and your baby's vitals, answer any questions you may have about what to expect, make sure you are healing well both physically and be there for your emotionally if you need to process your birth or discuss the many new feelings you may be experiencing as a new mother. 

The difference between Obstetrical Care and GraceFull Care is that we are supporting not only the mother, but the mother/child dyad. We want to make sure that your relationship with your child (for both physical and other needs) is being cared for.

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