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Did you know that a Midwife is not only an expert in pregnancy, but also specializes in the postpartum mother/child dyad - meaning they are great at answering questions about your body and the baby. Every Monday from 10:30-Noon GraceFull's upstairs classroom space turns into a drop in clinic for new mamas with one of our Licensed Midwives. And, you did not have to birth with a midwife to come. We love all choices - including hospital, home and birthing center. We don't judge we just wanna support!
This is a time for new mamas to practice getting out of the house and into a supportive environment with other like-minded mamas from your community. Our Licensed Midwife will be there to facilitate this group, answer simple questions and offer parenting & breastfeeding advice. We will have a scale available for you to weigh your babe, an assortment of guest speakers, a contained space for the sharing of stories and encouragement for mutually supporting each other. 
This group does not included partners with partner questions. (We have other groups that do allow for partners to join in). If a family has more than one Mama, we welcome the additional Mamas, but please be able to differentiate from other support person roles in your family. We welcome babes that are in arms (average age is 0-6m). If your child is crawling or walking we have other groups you can join. 
This healing space is available for all mothers in our community with babes in arms. One Mama is included in your fees if you are birthing with GraceFull for each meet-up. If you have birthed elsewhere, have more than one Mama in your family or are pregnant, feel free to drop on by to check it out and your first visit is free. After that you are still welcome to come and hang with us for a $15.00 fee. 
Feel free to come by for the whole time or just drop in for a bit of reassurance. We look forward to your family becoming part of our community!


DATE: Every Monday
LOCATION: GraceFull Classroom
TIME: 10:30am to 12pm
COST: Free for One GraceFull Mama (for the whole time your babe is in your arms). Free first visit for pregnant women, additional Mamas in your family or non-GF families and $15 per visits after.

No need to sign up, just drop in.