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Labor Support for Partners

GraceFull Classes

A four-hour workshop dedicated to introducing, understanding and practicing comfort measures for pregnancy and childbirth. Couples will learn a wide variety of pain relief and relaxation techniques including massage, breathing, positioning, rebozo, affirmations and connection during labor. Time is spent on practicing techniques, "troubleshooting" common variations of birth and learning about the needs of a laboring woman. This is the ideal class to pair with Gracefull Childbirth Education!

More about the teacher...

Trained as a Yoga teacher and Ayurvedic Counselor many years ago, Emily wound her way through classrooms of all types and eventually settled on a prenatal specialty which suited her perfectly. Becoming a doula, then, was a natural evolution. After completing her initial birth doula training and attending several births, she went on to complete trainings as a postpartum doula and childbirth educator. And turned her specialty in Ayurveda to postpartum care and education. Now, Emily works primarily as a Yoga Teacher & Childbirth Educator, using the unique perspective her background affords her, to support parents in having calm and joyful birth and parenting experiences. 

Please note: This class is for Couples Only. Only one partner needs to sign up and that assumes that 2 people are on the roster. The cost is $115 per couple.

Maximum Capacity is 7 couples.


Upcoming Classes:

DATES: 2018: June 30, August 4, September 15, November 3 & December 15
LOCATION: GraceFull Classroom
TIME: 10am to 2pm
COST: $115 per couple

To sign up - click the link below.

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