GraceFull – Classes – History, Hormones & Hats: Tools for an Efficient Birth

History, Hormones, and Hats:

Tools for an Efficient Birth

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It is said that birth is 85% emotional/mental. Since we started teaching this exclusive GraceFull class we have reduced our transport rate and noticed that the families that do transport do so for clear physical reasons, finding themselves in a place of empowerment and strength in the choice to transport even with the sadness of their "plan" being changed.

Elizabeth will discuss the keys to an efficient birth. Even if you are wanting "just the two of you" at the birth, there are lots of other people who come in and out of the room. We want you to know how those people might effect your birth, how to be empowered when you birth goes from pain into suffering and how to put on your "parent" hat when making decisions. Elizabeth will teach you a simple skill in how to handle a mother-in-law who wants to be at the birth but you don't want her there or differentiate if you have a history of PTSD so you can have the best shot at a vaginal birth.

The intention of this class is for you to become more fully present at the birth at the birth of your child. This is the perfect class for 2nd time parents to have as a refresher course. (especially if you are wanting an unmedicated birth for the first time).

This class is for anyone in our community, no matter where you are birthing, because a GraceFull birth can happen anywhere - home, birthing center or hospital. This class has been created from years of experience and extensive pre- and perinatal psychology trainings with Ray Castellino and somatic training from Anna Chitty. This class is not considered a Childbirth Ed Class, but is an excellent addition to any class you take as this information will not be found taught by anyone else as it comes from Elizabeth's personal and professional experience. 

Elizabeth will be going over:

  • •  The Hormones of Childbirth: how the body knows exactly what to do
  • •  Why your brain will not remember anything you have read and how that helps you birth a baby
  • •  What is the "role" of the birthing mother and how everyone else in the birth room is there to support her
  • •  How to create "trust" to get your contraction hormones to work
  • •  Differentiation, the single most important tool in your birthing & parenting tool box
  • •  Understanding the roles of everyone in the birth room
  • •  How to become present and powerful for laboring and birthing
  • •  What to do if you have a history of trauma and want a vaginal birth
  • •  Understanding "surrender" as "strength"
  • •  How choosing an epidural can be a fully empowered choice
  • •  How to have a Grace-Filled birth anywhere - home, a birthing center or hospital
  • •  What to expect if you transport from an out of hospital setting to an in hospital setting
  • •  Respecting birth as both a sacred event while making space for medical interventions.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the size of the space, we are unable to accept walk-ins for this class. If you are unable to register here, please call the center at 323.486.7134 to see if there is space. If you are not a GraceFull client all classes must be paid for before you can attend. Thank you. 


Upcoming Classes:

DATE:  2018 Tuesday Evenings: April 3, May 1, June 5, July 3, August 7, September 4, October 2, November 6 & December 4
TIME: 6:30p-8p
COST: Free for GF Families, $30/person non-GF Families

This class tends to sell out, so if you are in dates, please do sign up soon.


To sign up - click the link below, go to "Special Series" and scroll down to find your class.

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