Abby Vidikan

Abby Vidikan


What is your background?

I am a true Los Angelino. I grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles until my family moved abroad when I was 12. I spent my formative years learning a foreign country, a different language, and engrossed in a different culture. I came back to the United States when I was 18, and after a few years in the workforce, I began pursuing a degree in Political Science at the University of Southern California (Fight On Trojans!) and moved with my husband to Washington D.C. after graduation. I worked for a political non-profit on K Street when I became pregnant with my first child.

When I became pregnant with my son in 2011, I knew I wanted to work with a midwife and looked forward to experiencing an unmedicated birth in a hospital setting. My life was profoundly changed when my son was born in October of that year, and I knew then that my calling was to midwifery, to seeing other women on their journey to motherhood through the power of birth. But the hospital experience left much to be desired and it was through my hospital birth experience that I developed a profound love and appreciation for out of hospital birth. In January 2016 I was blessed to give birth to a daughter at home, surrounded by family (including my aunt the midwife), embraced in love and treated with respect.


Why did you choose to become a midwife?

It actually started with the Birth Atlas, this huge, amazing, vintage book with artwork depicting the stages of pregnancy. My mom used to have one and I'd spend hours flipping through the photos.

And then I spent time with my Aunt, who has been a midwife in Orange County for over 15 years. I hung out with her as she'd meet her clients and then leave to go to births. I distinctly remember one particular interaction. I was watching her with a mom as they said their "goodbyes" at the 6 weeks postpartum visit and witness the beauty and intensity of their relationship.  I knew then that I wanted a job that offered this, and I felt the call to be a midwife deep within.

As I went through my training, this call became deeper and I knew that the reason I became a midwife is that women deserve to feel respected and powerful when it comes to their births, and babies deserve a peaceful entrance into the world. I became a midwife to honor this rite of passage.  


What do you do in your down time?

Honestly, just spending time with my kids. I soak those two up!!!

What is your favorite baked good?

Cheesecake, hands down.

What is your favorite quote?

"Why did I not know that birth is the pinnacle where women discover the courage to become mothers?" - Anita Diamant, The Red Tent

We are excited to have a 2nd generational midwife in our practice!

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