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About Us

Our business is guided by principles of kindness,
compassion & gratitude for ourselves, our clients, and our planet.

Who We Are

Located in Silver Lake, GraceFull is Los Angeles’s first Accredited Birthing Center.

[su_expand more_text="Expand" less_text="Read Less" height="197" hide_less="yes" text_color="#113852" link_color="#256895" link_style="underlined"]At GraceFull our birthing philosophy of minimal interference with maximum support is an extension of our believe that birth is a normal physiological process. Since 2006 we have been honoring the body’s wisdom while providing advanced-level clinical care. As Midwives we have Medical Board Licenses that allow us to practice safely while we as women trust your body and baby to know exactly what to do. If we need to transport to the hospital to get the next level of support, you will be with one of our many experienced doctors who will working kindly and safely. Plus, our birthing rooms have the choice of Nitrous Oxide for pain relief and extra large birthing tubs, birthing swings & birthing chairs; providing a nurturing space for your family to be born. In our loft styled classrooms our teachers offer a rich selection of classes, workshops and support groups that expand on our philosophy of simplicity and connection. Anyone in the community can attend these events no matter where you birth or how you parent. We love our midwives who practice natural birthing methods and specialize in water birth. Our naturally minded practitioners will work with women, men and children to help with anything that ails you; from a common cold to back pain and anything in between. Everyone who works at GraceFull walks the talk. We don’t just have “jobs” but are supporting you as an extension of our natural and environmentally respectful lifestyle.[/su_expand]

Payment Options

We have payment, billing and insurance options to pay for your Grace-Filled care.

[su_expand more_text="Expand" less_text="Read Less" height="197" hide_less="yes" text_color="#113852" link_color="#256895" link_style="underlined"]We are an in-network facility for both Blue Shield. We have had good success negotiating with HMOs and privately funded PPOs, like Aetna, Health Net, Cigna and United Health Care. HealthShares like Liberty, Unity, Solidarity and Altura which cover both home and birthing center births will pay for our services and facility. Even though our general services are not covered by Kaiser or Medi-Cal, you can still use these insurances to pay for your labs & ultrasound costs. We have an in-house biller, so comprehensive insurance billing is included because we understand that working with an insurance company can be challenging and unpredictable. We have created a course of education and advocacy with our insurance biller that teaches you about how your insurance works, what your responsibilities are and what you can expect from GraceFull and your insurance plan.[/su_expand]

Why choose us?

With all of the birthing options available, what makes us stand out?

[su_expand more_text="Expand" less_text="Read Less" height="197" hide_less="yes" text_color="#113852" link_color="#256895" link_style="underlined"]•  Our Midwives have medical board licenses (the same as your OB)

•  We are the first Accredited Birthing Center in Los Angeles with the CABC

•  Your choices and our care is respected by our transport doctors in the case you need hospital care

•  We are Eco responsible as a business & environmentally friendly in our designs while adhering to medical standards 

•  Our birthing rooms feel like a home, filled with loving intentions to promote safe, calm and joyful birth experiences 

•  Our in-house Aquasana® filtration system ensures that your baby will be born in chemical-free drinking water 

•  Exclusive agreement with our in-house insurance biller who will hold your hand

•  We are right off the 2 & 101, which means we are easily accessible by the 5, 10, 110, 405, 105, 170, 134 & 210 freeways

•  Our families come from everywhere: Covina, Long Beach, Atwater Village, Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Los Feliz, Silverlake, Mt. Washington, DTLA, Baldwin Hills, West Adams, Midtown,Culver City, Hollywood, West Hollywood, North Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Altadena, Glendale, Burbank, Studio City, Santa Monica, Venice, Mar Vista, Long Beach, Malibu and Topanga 

•  Flexible scheduling including weekend and evening appointments 

•  3 free classes included with your care 

•  We have 2 midwives who you will get to know before you give birth and provide continuity of care

•  24/7 email, text & phone midwifery support 

•  We are highly skilled, love what we do and have a lot of fun doing it![/su_expand]

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Meet the Team 

We are privileged to have a staff
of exceptionally talented individuals.

Elizabeth Bachner

Owner, Midwife & Clinic Director

Jocelyn Brown


Abby Vidikan


Chezza Zoeller

Office Manager

Tchala Reid

Office Assistant

Nicole Lee

In-house Insurance Biller

Dr. Michelle Gerber

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Sara Norris

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Bryant Esquejo

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Eileen Abrahmian

Chiropractic Doctor

Julie Matheney

Lactation Consultant

Annabelle Safinia

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Meg Madorin

BioDynamic Cranial Sacral

Shanee Buckner

Massage Therapist

Jenny "JJ" Brake

Certified Parent Educator

Stephanie Blank

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Carriage House Birth

Birth and Post-Partum Doula Services




2815 West Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026
2 blocks west of Silverlake Blvd
#105 - Birthing Center #205 - Classroom & Practitioners
E: hello@gracefull.com    P: 323.379.4614    F: 323.430.8054