Conscious Parenting & Counseling Services

Conscious Parenting and Counseling Services

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Annabelle Safinia is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in Conscious Parenting and Couple and Family therapy. With a focus on the transitions people go through in becoming a family Annabelle provides the support you need in the sensitive postpartum period and beyond. 

Annabelle approaches her work with clients from a place of empathy, compassion and understanding and will meet you where you are in your process and work with you towards healing. By looking beneath the surface of the issues you are facing she will help you understand what is at the root of your struggles. Whether you find yourself being caught in the same negative communication pattern with your loved one or are struggling with feelings of depression and feel disconnected from yourself, therapy can help you to move past this stuck place and provide you with the tools to manage your relationship to yourself and others. 
Annabelle uses Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), founded by Dr. Sue Johnson, as the foundation of understanding relationship dynamics through attachment. This approach has multiple research studies that demonstrate its effectiveness in improving relationships and deepening bonds, particularly with couples and families in distress.

Conscious Parenting
Raising a family is one of the most important jobs you'll ever have - as a parent, you are the catalyst for shaping the heart, mind and future of your child. Brain science proves that the key time for shaping the brains of our little ones is zero to 5 years old. It’s important to establish healthy communication skills, expectations, and relationship patterns early on so our children our armed with tools to get them through life’s challenges to help them explore the full possibilities of their life and who they most want to be.

The early years are the time to be most conscious and mindful to help develop and nurture the compassionate, caring, confident skills that aren’t taught in school. During this magical age range, our children are mostly relying on us to make sense of their world and their emotional needs.

The tricky part is we have learned to respond to life from our memories and emotional experiences, many rooted in our own childhood development, which makes it challenging to not burden our children with our own unresolved, and many times unconscious childhood issues! Nurturing early relationships provides the foundation for their self-concept, outlook, and lifelong relationship qualities. 

Annabelle can help you build the confidence you need to parent in the way you want to so you break out of old patterns and create new ones. By providing the tools she can help you feel good about your choices and learn to trust your own instincts so you can forge the relationships you most want for your family.


Please reach out to Annabelle directly to inquire about her services 

P: 424.274.7745


Go to to download her PDF on 20 story-time teaching books to help your toddler deal with their big feelings.

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